Adidas Adizero Golf Shoes Reviews

If you haven’t heard about Adidas, you probably live under a rock. Born in Germany, this company is renowned for innovation that is the brick and mortar of this multinational company and is also known for its close association with football . Adidas has conquered almost all the arenas of sports and is the world’s second-largest sports manufacturer only second to Nike. Adidas works with a mission to enable every athlete to perform better in the sport of his or her choice. As a part of its vision, Adidas has been catering to the world of golf since 1997. Jason Day and Justin Rose are some of the world-class golf players who endorse Adidas products.

Adidas is known to push boundaries and technology to come out with incredible products that have conquered the sports world and the Adidas Adizero Golf shoe is one such product. The Adidas Adizero Golf Shoe, a magical blend of style and comfort is one of the best golf shoes manufactured by Adidas.
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Adidas Adizero Golf shoe Weight and Fit

The adidas adizero golf shoe weighs a mere 310 grams and is unbelievably light! The adidas adizero golf shoe seems so natural to your foot that you will hardly feel like you are wearing anything. The lightweight feature will reduce the fatigue on your poor foot over a long course of golf.This feature will give you an advantage over other players! While they drag their heavy shoes, you can move around like the wind as the shoe exerts least resistance on your movements.

Adidas Adizero Golf shoe Size and Fit

In comparison to the average Adidas shoes, the Adidas Adizero Golf shoe can be narrower. The midsection is comparatively wider to the other golf shoes produced by Adidas.These adidas adizero Golf shoes  come in Medium or wide width in the range of size  6-12 . Intermediate sizes are also available so that you can have the right pair of shoes.Though the Adizero design gives off a narrow is built 50% wider than the tour 360 version. So you can play and walk in comfort with no blisters or breaks on your feet till you successfully finish your game.

Adidas Adizero Golf shoe Colour

It is available in Black/White/Black,  Light Grey/White/Graphite, Running White/Black/Dark Silver Metallic, White/White/Vivid Yellow.The limited edition versions are Running White/Running White/Island

Adidas Adizero Golf shoe Outsole

The Ultrathin Sprintframe outsole can resist a good foot twisting without compromising on the comfort. The Sprintframe is constructed with a width of 1.2mm. It is made from an incredibly resilient copolymer known as PeBAX. The company claims that this is the thinnest, lightest, ground-loving outsole in its line of golf shoes.

Check Latest price on AmazonInsole

The insole utilizes the Sprintweb and Cloudfoam technology:-


It is primarily a polyurethane plastic foam that adds a cushioning effect without adding too many pounds. This material is designed to resolve “heel striking” by being highly responsive to each step. Heel striking was a very  common issue  with the traditional golf shoes. In addition to the comfort of the Cloudfoam, the FitFoam sockliner follows the contours of your feet giving it a custom-made feel. Your forefoot receives more room, as the design adapts closely to the anatomy of your feet and toes and prevents foot roll.

  • SprintWeb

If you come up with queries like what’s the requirement of a shoe when you can go barefoot, Adidas tour zero golf shoe is ready to impress you with its Sprintweb technology. Sprintweb comprises an internal layer  and external made of thermoplastic polyurethane. These layers work simultaneously and evens out lateral movement to enhance upper stability when you are swinging to get your ball flying.


The THINTECH low-profile technology boosts ground-grip along with the 10-spike configuration.The Spike ports mould adequately to the ground and have a cushioning effect . The ten-cleat embedded adizero tour shoe is claimed to be the lightest shoe adidas has ever created with these features. The use of lightweight yet strong materials for its construction is the highlight of this product. The cleats are the traction heroes that help you to gain grip over any hilly, sloppy terrain.
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Swing with confidence because you have an upper with the Sprint Skin microfibre to support you. SprintSkin is a one piece microfiber leather with extra strength. It acts like a second layer enabling the shoe to accommodate foot movements and adds to ground protection.The soft one-piece SprintSkin Microfiber makes the cleaning routine altogether easier as it almost feels like wiping a cloth over a normal fabric.

The lace-system

The upper bears a dual-width performance lace. These laces are strong and are lightweight. These features enable the laces to stay put without causing any stress to your foot.


Say goodbye to smelly and soggy socks that can distract you from acing your golf game.The leather clad shoe is waterproof and keeps your feet dry by warding off the dew and mist when you are up for an early morning golf game.


The Ultralight perforated tongue allows your feet freedom! It enables good circulation and promotes breathability.


If you are a serious golf player who does not want to compromise on his/her performance for the entire course of an 18 hole game, then $180 is the right price! This shoe can be a game-changer and the value certainly makes sense.

The Adidas Adizero Golf Shoes is perfect for the golfer who prioritizes  his/her comfort and at the same time doesn’t  want to jeopardize the traction and stability of a traditional golf shoe.The design is perfect blend between the barefoot designs and the heavy cleated designs enabling you to stay close to the ground without affecting the stability.


  • Lightweight design
  • Microfiber leather SprintSkin for comfort
  • Internal SprintWeb TPU layer
  • Ultra-thin PeBAX SprintFrame
  • Ten-Cleat configuration with THINTECH for extra traction and stability
  • Dual Insoles with FitFOAM sockliner and CLOUDFOAM for cushioning


  • You need to check the fit of the adidas adizero golf shoes as the narrow design may not suit your feet. Going a half-size higher is recommended in many reviews.
  • The Cleats may cause indentation on the turfs.

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Final Thoughts

With its inbuilt features, extra padding and comfort, rest assured that you will finish your course in style with the Adidas Adizero Golf Shoes. SPRINTFRAME, SPRINTSKIN, SPRINTWEB are the new technologies employed in the making of this amazingly crafted shoe that are totally worth your money.

If you don’t want to opt this adidas adizero golf shoe, there are certainly many other recommendations that will suit your needs and style! Do check them out!