Best Golf Blade Putters

Golf Blade puttersGolfers use clubs to make their long strikes and when it comes to covering shorter distances putters are used. The Best golf blade putters are used to make gentle shots that allow the ball to reach a nearby hole. Thus putters make an important piece of equipment the golf accessories. Putters provide gentle strokes resulting in trustworthy glide and low bounce ball launch. Putting plays a significant role that winning majorly depends on this aspect. It is ironic how it is a precise feature of the game and yet is the least fit in a golfer’s bag. 

Choosing the Best golf blade putter from the various types available in the market can result in a lot of confusion. If you are precisely interested in their head designs, you can check out the insert faced putters, blade putters, mallet putters, peripheral weighted putters, and metal-faced putters, etc. 

Blade putters provide better performance for arc stroke players as they enable distribution of weight between their toe and heel. Thus we are here to help you choose the Best golf blade putters in recent times. Blade putters go way back into the past being one of the oldest and commonly used putters. They can be used for play in any type of green with their simple, flat design. With the market buzzing with numerous manufacturers, we bring you the 15 best golf blade putters with a brief review inclusive of their features, pros, and cons. Tag along and you will know what suits your needs best! 

15 Best Golf Blade Putters:

Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter, Black

Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter is among the top best golf blade putters for its superior quality. If you are looking for a putter with numerous enhanced features and a quality blade you should certainly give this putt a try. The Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter is a great help with its eye-fit system, improved insert version, and the tight tolerance. 


  • Eye-Fit system: The Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter comes with a dedicated Eye-fit system. This feature enables and facilitates the fitting to get an exact head shape as per your ball setup. 
  • Improved Insert Version: The #1 of the Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 is highly engineered to provide you an improved insert version. This feature enhances the user experience providing consistent performance, feel and sound across the entire course. 
  • Tight tolerance: The Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter’s laser milling procedure delivers high tolerance ensuring enhanced comfort, consistency and performance.
  1. A reliable Winn Odyssey Putter grip 
  2. Black finish with a stylish and smooth look
  3. Affordable and reasonable price 
  4. Headcover included 
  1. All users may not like the headcover
  2. Not available in all countries. 

Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter, BlackCheck Latest price on Amazon

Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter (Men’s Right Hand)

The Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter has been included in the list of best golf blade putters for its distinct features enabling you to sink more putts. It facilitates standard grip, better visibility of the greens, and alignment assistance. This putter can take your game to the next level combined with your skills. 


Spider Grip: The Pinemeadow’s black and green grip is made up of polyurethane and fiber layers that deliver a firm grip along with shock absorption capabilities and do not compromise on the player’s comfort. 

Plumber Neck Hosel: The Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter comes with an offset hosel guiding your alignment. The plumber neck hosel makes sure that your putt takes the right route from the beginning.

Headcover: Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter comes with a headcover to avoid damages when not in use.

Body: The putter model is designed in white color to improve vision and aim. The model is non-glare and has good weight distribution. 

  1. Excellent Spider grip
  2. Ideal for tall people 
  3. Affordable price 
  4. Easy alignment 
  5. Non-glare and adorable white finish
  1. The putter’s white color may easily get stained
  2. The putter is designed for right-handed players only

Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter (Men’s Right Hand)Check Latest price on Amazon

Callaway Odyssey Stroke Lab Black Putter 

The Callaway Odyssey Stroke Lab Black Putter is a new advancement from the Stroke Lab. The new distinct head shape, multi-material shaft, Micro hinge Star Insert and its High definition Alignment is here to help every player during the off-center strikes tightening your putt dispersion. 


Stroke Lab shaft: The stroke Lab shaft is made of multiple materials to distribute the weight between the club head and the grip for a perfect balance. This feature enhances your strike tempo and consistency. 

Micro Hinge star insert: This new Micro Hinge start insert feature on the face of the putter delivers a firm feel and intensifies the sound at contact while preserving the roll benefits of the previous White Hot Micro Hinge Insert

High Definition Alignment: The Callaway Odyssey Stroke Lab Black Putter gives you a better aim with its HD alignment feature, making it a critical component for a better and consistent putting experience. 

Lavish black look: The Call away Odyssey Stroke Lab Black Putter is a combination of black PVD and coating. This combo gives the putter its lavish black finish complimenting the original Stroke Lab models. 

  1. Lavish black finish
  2. Excellent strike tempo and consistency
  3. Great Firm feel and intensified sound
  4. Works well on longer putts 
  5. Good distance control
  1. Few golfers may not like the lighter feel for a mallet or the bigger head size
  2. A little expensive 

Callaway Odyssey Stroke Lab Black Putter Check Latest price on Amazon

Pinemeadow Golf Regular Black Zinc Style Putter

The Pinemeadow Golf Regular Black Zinc Style Putter is added to the list of the best golf blade putters for its multi-material technology and hollow construction. This putter improves the quality of the game with its hybrid appearance, feel and performance. The Pinemeadow Black Zinc Style Putter is cheaper and delivers an incredible putting experience.


Die Cast Zinc Alloy Construction: the zinc alloy material makes the Pinemeadow Zinc Style Putter a lighter model with a soft and solid feel. This construction delivers a smoother touch with every strike. 

Alignment Assist: The Pinemeadow Zinc Alloy Putter comes with a built-in alignment guide enabling you to get your best shot easier than ever before. 

Appearance: this putter model has a standard 125-gram steel shaft and 49-gram black putter grip. Die-cast zinc alloy head, Apollo Steel Shaft and a length of 34”

  1. Suited for beginners and Professionals
  2. Reliable performance and alignment aid
  3. Affordable
  4. Lightweight
  5. Customizable
  1. Not suitable for golfers who prefer good looking putters
  2. Headcover not included

Pinemeadow Golf Regular Black Zinc Style PutterCheck Latest price on Amazon

Wilson Harmonized M Putter

If you are looking for the Best golf blade putter, you should certainly give the Wilson Harmonized M Putter a try. This model is suitable for both amateurs and professionals. The microinjection polymer inserts, larger grip, heel/toe weighting, inbuilt alignment aid and left and right-handed orientation make this a go-to putter at all times. 


Face Inserts: The golf blade putter face has microinjection polymer inserts that deliver excellent feel on impact. The polymer face insert also makes it more forgiving and excellent with putts regardless of the greens

Oversized grip: Wilson has made this putter’s grip with a slightly oversized grip. The oversized grip along with its vertical seam ensures the utmost comfort and better feel of the putter. 

Alignment guide: the model’s gray and black finish gives contrast to the green. The alignment is easy with a few horizontal lines designed on the head. 

Heel/Toe weighting: The heel/Toe weighting features ensure that you have maximum inertia at all moments. The plumber offset hosel allows your hands to remain ahead of the ball as you strike. 

  1. Larger grip diameter
  2. Great balance
  3. Outstanding quality and affordable price
  4. Easy alignment
  5. Maximum moment of inertia
  1. Headcover not included
  2. Professional golfers may not like the light feel

Wilson Harmonized M PutterCheck Latest price on Amazon

 TaylorMade 2018 Spider Tour Platinum putter

This golf blade putter has impacted many games with top players like Jason Day and Dustin Johnson using them. The TaylorMade 2018 Spider Tour Platinum putter

is on the best golf blade putter list for its long sightline and balanced-face weighing that enhances alignment and delivers clean strikes, making every putt worthy for a target. The putter goes on to add style and stability to golfers. 


Pure Roll insert: The Pure Roll insert includes 45 degree angled grooves that bend at contact increasing the topspin and forward roll – helping your ball to be quick and stay on the intended line.

Double Bend Hosel: this feature is best for golfers who like playing straight back-straight through hits. 

Multi-material mallet putter: this modern putter is constructed with multi-materials for stability and high MOI.The putter’s combination of lightweight Aluminium 6061 body paired with a stainless steel 304 frame allows the weight to be located at the extremities.

Vibration dampener: the TaylorMade 2018 Spider Tour Platinum putter has a PU foam vibration dampener between its body and the frame for a compatible feel and sound. 

  1. Well balanced
  2. Better aim with visual line
  3. No vibration 
  4. Enhanced sound
  5. User-friendly headcover
  6. Excellent roll
  1. Few golfers may not like the soft face insert

 TaylorMade 2018 Spider Tour Platinum putterCheck Latest price on Amazon

Callaway Odyssey O-Works putters

Odyssey has come up with a new revolutionary Microhinge insert technology making the Odyssey O-Works putters one of the best golf blade putters in tours. Microhinge technology introduces golfers to a completely new roll. This putter will change your perspective on putting you had so far.


Microhinge Insert technology: The putter is embedded with micro hinge technology delivering incredible topspin and roll at contact irrespective of your stroke. The co-molding of the stainless steel Microhinge plate into the Thermoplastic Elastomer layer augments the feel and allows the hinges to deliver a better roll at contact.

High contrast alignment technology: this feature allows you to have the right alignment from address to impact. It highlights the right face angle, the red line provides additional guidance to ensure that you are in line with your target. 

Consistent strokes: The heavier shafts and heavier heads counterbalance the weight thus relaxing the hands and putting the bigger muscles to action for delivering consistent strokes.

Reliable Grip: Odyssey 2017 O-Works putters have three premium grip options. You can go for a Superstore Slim 2.0 grip or a Superstore Pistol GT Tour grip both available with Counter Core Technology. You may also use the Superstroke Tank grip to compliment the Tank line. 

  1. Strong stainless steel Microhinge
  2. Perfect balance 
  3. High contrast alignment technology
  4. Maximizes Putt accuracy
  1. The customizable weights for the putter head may seem hazy for some golfers   

Callaway Odyssey O-Works puttersCheck Latest price on Amazon
TaylorMade Golf Prior generation (2017) Spider putters

The TaylorMade Golf Prior generation (2017) Spider putters are now made with multi-materials making them the best golf blade putters. The multi-material design adds stability, improves topspin and tucks more wins under your belt. 


High MOI: The pairing of the lightweight Aluminium core with heavy stainless steel frame contributes high MOI ensuring that the face stays square for impact

Pure Roll Insert: TaylorMade Golf Prior generation (2017) Spider putter has a Pure Roll Insert that enhances the forward roll and control distance

Low Vibrations: The vibrations reducing PU foam is inserted between the body and the frame for improved sound and feel. 

Unique Square shape: Spider has a new innovative “square” shape for easier and better alignment

Customizable head weight: you can match according to the head weight you want with Spider’s Movable Weight Technology

  1. Suitable for straight back and through putting stroke
  2. Affordable Price
  3. Alignment line for better aim 
  4. Balanced face 
  1. Few golfers may find bending always difficult to pick the balls .   

TaylorMade Golf Prior generation (2017) Spider puttersCheck Latest price on Amazon

Pinemeadow Golf Site 4 Putter (Men’s, Right Hand)

The Pinemeadow Golf Site 4 Putter is well suited for all golfers. It is one among the best golf blade putters due to its lower center of gravity, oversized site plate enhancing visibility, and the pristine white body finish that gives a natural contrast against the greens.


Reduced center of gravity: the Pinemeadow Golf Site 4 Putter has a low center of gravity design that delivers a smooth stroke and successfully putting from any distance

Oversized site plate: The Site plate of this putter is oversized to improve visibility. You can experience accuracy in all your putts. The offset hosel further aids to give perfect alignment. The face technology delivers smooth rolls and reduces the chances for skips.

Graphite shaft: The graphite shaft offers balance and stability as well as faster swings and good distance putting

  1. Aids with right alignment
  2. Enhanced visibility
  3. Smooth roll 
  4. Good balance 
  1. Some golfers may not like the putter length
  2. Designed only for right-handed golf players

Pinemeadow Golf Site 4 Putter (Men’s, Right Hand)Check Latest price on Amazon

Ray Cook Golf- Silver Ray SR500 Putter

Ray Cook’s Silver Ray Putter is one of the best golf blade putters in the market for their new style, intense black finish, details highlighted with red and white, mid-size grip for a superb feel and their matching headcover.


Eye appealing: The Silver Ray putter is a delight to the eyes with its intense black finish and the design details being highlighted with red and white give a great contrast for your vision and the greens as well

Midsize grip: the grip is more comfortable and firm with the midsized version. 

Larger Putter head: the large head size and heavyweight gives perfect balance and feel. The lines on the golf blade putter head enable good aim while lining for your putt.

Oversized Aiming guide: the oversized aiming guide perfects your aim and enhances distance control. 

  1. Nice quality and perfect color combo
  2. Inexpensive 
  3. Good weight distribution and feel 
  4. Comfortable midsize grip
  1. The grip is stiff initially
  2. Ping sound on long puts

Ray Cook Golf- Silver Ray SR500 PutterCheck Latest price on Amazon

Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter Men’s Right with free Headcover

The Orlimar Tangent T1 putter is one of the best golf blade putters for bold looks. The solid overall look boosts the player’s confidence along with its TPU inserts, high MOI, standard offset configuration, oversize grip and its length of 35”


Traditional offset design: Orlimar Tangent T1 putter comes with a traditional offset design that ensures your hands are always ahead for a solid impact at all times

High MOI: The High MOI feature adds extra forgiveness and confidence for straight putting

TPU inserts: The putter face has integrated Soft TPU Inserts that give a soft feel at impacts

Perimeter weighting: this advanced weighing feature ensures maximizes accuracy for all your putts

dual -color sightline: the dual-color sightline on the putter aids in your alignment by enhancing your vision to the target

Matching Headcover: The Tangent T1 putter is delivered with a similarly striking headcover

  1. Extra forgiveness
  2. Alignment easier with dual-color sightline
  3. TPU inserts for a nice and soft feel on impact
  4. Well-balanced
  5. Free matching headcover
  6. Affordable
  1. The larger grip may not be comfortable for everyone
  2. Silver paint may chip off easily 

Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter Men's Right with free HeadcoverCheck Latest price on Amazon

S7K Standing Putter for Men and Women

S7K Standing Putter is the Best golf blade putters to start your stroke with the right alignment as you can step back to check your alignment as it stands by itself and take a confident strike. The good news it can be legally used in tours with its perfect setup, alignment, and impact. It’s a perfect putter for the right balance, feel and pure roll. 


Stand-alone balance: The SK7 putter’s ability to stand alone is a great feature for golfer’s to judge their putts with the putter and the ball’s existing position. The putter can stand alone even in the slopes attracting many golfers

Low balance point: The SK7 putter has a very low balance point to make it stand alone. It is constructed using 431 stainless steel for a top-notch feel and looks. The shaft is angled perfectly and thus without making further adjustments, you can just take your strike

Easy alignment: The SK7 putter’s stand-alone ability and the triple path lines aid in the right alignment and result in effective putts. This also allows for getting real-time feedback before impact.

  1. Stands alone 
  2. Gain real-time feedback
  3. Better angle judgment
  4. Bold triple path alignment lines
  5. Distance control
  1. The pronounced sound of SK7 putter may not attract a few
  2. Not custom-fit
  3. Expensive

S7K Standing Putter for Men and WomenCheck Latest price on Amazon

QUOLF Golf Two-Way Putter

The QUOLF GOLF putter is the best golf blade putter and is a unique putter with a simple design. If you haven’t looked at a similar one before you might not think it is a putter at all. Despite the simple design, it is constructed using a few good quality materials resulting in a sturdy and durable putter. It is suitable for both right and left-hand players making it even more appealing. 


Quality multi-materials: This two-way putter is a combination of various quality materials to produce a durable, dependable and easy to strike golf club

Two-way design: the putter is designed to support in two ways – right and left. Thus both right and left-hand players can use it

Lightweight: The two-way putter just weighs one pound. Being extremely light, swinging is comfortable for most golfers with its 32” shaft. 

Classic finish: the QUOLF GOLF two-way putter has a striking classic look and it doesn’t depict the old chunky look that is usually seen in other mallet putter or any other types

  1. Suitable for right and left-hand orientations
  2. Lightweight 
  3. Excellent grip and responsive swings
  4. Simple design
  5. Affordable price tag
  1. Not suitable for taller golfers
  2. Sharp rubber smell when new
  3. Takes time to adjust to this style

QUOLF Golf Two-Way PutterCheck Latest price on Amazon

Cleveland Golf 2019 Huntington Beach SOFT Putter #1

The Huntington Beach SOFT putter is the best golf blade putter that adds immense value for your money. The putter excels in instilling confidence with its effective alignment aid, slant mallet neck, CNC putter face milling pattern, and Speed Optimized Face Technology (SOFT). 


SOFT: The putter face has a noticeable SOFT on it, normalizing the speed of the ball across it even if it is a wrong hit

Diamond CNC milling pattern: The Diamond milling pattern is tight in the center of the face and gets bigger as it moves away from the center. This pattern delivers consistent speed, distance, and muted feel. 

Optimized Center of Gravity: The weight of the putter is strategically distributed to locate an optimized center of gravity. This distribution gives you a solid feel and stable straight putts

  1. More forgiving
  2. Consistent roll
  3. Good distance control
  4. Soft feel
  5. Affordable price
  1. Some golfers may find the grip to be short
  2. Golfers used to heavier heads may not like it  

Cleveland Golf 2019 Huntington Beach SOFT PutterCheck Latest price on Amazon

Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter 

Stroke Lab has yet again come up with a significant innovation to make your putting experience better. The physical dynamics of the stroke are upgraded using a new weight distribution method in the shaft because the shaft is the engine for putting.


Innovative Weight distribution: Odyssey has been improvising on the stroke by using a new weight distribution technique. This is done by using various materials to make the shaft along with special weighting in the head and the grip. 

Versa color scheme: The putter has a distinct look with its contrasting colors of silver and black. 

Shaft construction: The new Odyssey Versa’s shaft is made of steel on the lower half and graphite towards the top layer. This combo has reduced 40 grams of weight making it easier to stroke. 

Responsive feel: The combination of the White Hot feel and Microhinge face Insert makes the putter very responsive and smooth feel at impact. This promotes topspin and consistent distance control

  1. Natural balance
  2. Microhinge insert 
  3. Versa color scheme
  4. Distance control
  1. Few golfers feel it is expensive

Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter Check Latest price on Amazon

How to take care of your Putters?

While playing, your putter will come in contact with the green. This process will pick grass or dewdrop on the golf blade putter. So you will have to wipe it clean before using it for the next game round. The first and foremost step is to wipe the putter before packing them in your bag. It is better to use a microfiber cloth that is lint-free to clean your clubs after your round. Keep a separate cloth for cleaning the entire surface of the putter. You have to give attention to the grooves in the face. Once the cleaning is done store the putter a dry place with moderate temperature.

Things to consider when buying Golf blade putter 

You can choose a conventional length putter of 32-36 inches for a pendulum motion in your putting style. Belly putter ranges between 41-46 inches. The two hand and belly contact give consistency to the game.

Long putters range between 48-52 inches. These lengthy putters are rarely used as they will need the grip to be changed entirely


Price and Quality are directly proportional in many cases. But it needs to be true in all cases. You could get an amazing putter at $400 or just $100. There is no one putter for everyone. Choose a golf blade putter that instills confidence and feels right for you.


You should consider steel shafts as they add more consistency. You can choose a Heel-shafted putter that has the hosel connected to the putter head directly and is near to the user. Otherwise, you may try the center-shafted putters which have the hosel touching the putter head in the center. center -shafted putters can be used by golfers who like to keep their eyes above the ball and strike straight.

Period – Warranty

A warranty of one-year should do the job. Yet again it depends on the manufacturers and sellers. Note that some tour-issues products may not be covered under warranty. Warranty can give you some peace of mind as you don’t have to worry about damages and repairs. There are warranty extensions available too. If you need one you may get that too.

Product Flexibility

It will be great if you get a golf blade putter that allows you to get a customized version to match your height and weight requirements. This is true for the grip too. Since the length, head weight and grip size are entirely a personal preference and essential for any golfer to enjoy the game.


Which is the best Golf Blade Putter for High Handicapper?

                   We recommend the Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 putters and Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 for their quality and flexibility as the best for high handicappers.  

      2. Which is the best Golf blade putter for beginners and average golfers?

                     The Pinemeadow Golf Regular Black Zinc Style Putter and Callaway Odyssey O-Works putters have amazing quality and reliable feedback and feel that goes very well for beginners

      3. Which are the best forgiving putters?

                      Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter, Odyssey White Hot Pro 2, and Cleveland Golf 2019 Huntington Beach SOFT Putter #1 are a few best forgiving putters you can surely try.

      4. Which are the best centre shafted Golf Blade Putters?

                       Many golfer’s prefer centre shafted Golf Blade putters like Titlist Scotty Cameron Futura 5S putter and Odyssey O-Works R-line CS putter

       5. Which are the best putters for improving bad putts?

                       The Odyssey Works Versa 2 and Cleveland Golf 2019 Huntington Beach SOFT Putter #1 are designed for efficient putts for those struggling with bad putts


The above-mentioned putters are a few Best golf blade putters for you to try. Best gold blade putters play a very important role in the game as 40 % of the strokes are made using putters. Therefore choosing the right gold blade putter for the game makes all the difference. All the above putters deliver smooth strokes and good topspin. The technological advancements for the putter face, weight distribution and use of multi-materials indeed add more magic to the game. From reducing the center of gravity to alignment path guides, the above putters have worked well for many golfers both amateurs and professionals. Of course, there is no compromise on practicing for a good game. 

 Grab your favorite golf blade putter and let some putting begin!