Cleveland Launcher HB Iron Set Reviews

When it comes to golf clubs, most golfers tend to prefer hybrids over irons. If you love the hybrids and that extra forgiveness, Cleveland’s Launcher HB irons Sets are the right ones for you! Cleveland is admired by the golfers for their excellent productions of new woods and irons for many years now. It has added zest for recreational golfers with its recent line of Launcher HB irons. The Launcher HB irons deliver better performance, simplifies focusing on high launches, extreme forgiveness, and accuracy in every shot.  Cleveland HB Iron Sets are also available in two shaft types – steel and graphite. Golfers with high swing speed prefer steel shafts as it gives them better control. The steel shaft is heavy and is usually preferred by Professionals. The graphite shaft, on the other hand, is lighter than steel and well suited for players with slow to mid-swing tempos to have increased swing speed and distance cover.

The Launcher HB Irons Set is also designed with different flexes to suit the different players.

If you want a level of high forgiveness and better trajectory, the Launcher HB package is an optimal choice. Check out our reviews on a few of the best Launcher HB irons by Cleveland!

1) Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Iron Set

The Cleveland’s Men’s Launcher HB Iron Set are game improvement irons that are launched for low to mid-speed players. The set consists of 8 irons and all of them have a hollow construction to deliver higher forgiveness.

The face is designed with steel inserts to maximize the ball speed. The hollow crown is responsible for launching higher shots. The Launcher HB Iron set comes in two shaft options – stainless steel and graphite that suits every golfer.

  1. Natural balance
  2. Microhinge insert 
  3. Versa color scheme
  4. Distance control
  1. Few golfers feel it is expensive

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2) 2020 Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Iron Set RH 5- PW Graph Reg

The 2020 Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Iron Set RH 5- PW Graph Reg is one of the best game improvement irons that come with a completely hollow construction along with stabilizing internal ribs for ultimate forgiveness. The HiBore Crown is redesigned placing the weight low and deep for accurate hit and high trajectory.

The hybrid technology enables golfers to hit higher, straighter and long distances with the new Launcher HB Turbo Iron Set RH 5 – PW Graph Reg.

  1. Extra forgiveness
  2. Thinner face enhances speed
  3. Progressive shaping enables more control
  4. Easier and higher launch
  5. Suitable for right-hand golfers
  1. Doesn’t give a good feel
  2. Some find it heavy 

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3) Cleveland Golf launcher Turbo HB Iron Set

The Turbo HB Iron Set is one of the best of the Cleveland HB Iron Set in 2020. The irons hybrid-design along with the hollow clubhead enables easier launch and delivers maximum forgiveness making it one of the best hybrid irons for beginners. The clubface is made up of high-COR steel for increased speed across the face. The center of gravity is pushed low and deep to enhance the launch, forgiveness, and distance. The large sole and the raised center cuts through the grass easily.

  1. Plenty of forgiveness
  2. Good distance cover and launch
  3. Great feel and sound at impact
  4. Shafts available in graphite and steel
  1. Some golfers felt the Lack of control in the short irons
  2. Feedback may be little on mishits due to the soft feel
  3. Beginners may feel it very bulky at setup 

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4) 2020 Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Iron Set LH 5-PW Steel Reg

The Launcher HB Turbo Iron Set LH 5-PW Steel Regular is one of the best Cleveland Launcher HB Iron Set specially designed for left-hand golfers. The hybrid technology in all the irons enables you to hit straighter, higher, and farther.

The irons have a thinner and high strength, turbocharged steel face providing improved ball speeds and longer distance cover. The hollow construction and inner stabilizing ribs provide extreme forgiveness. The HiBore Crown enables a low and deep COG enabling easier hits and high trajectory. The progressive hollow shaping offers forgiveness and control wherever you need it!

  1. Offer better control and forgiveness
  2. Easier hits and higher launch
  3. Improved distance cover
  1. More on the expensive side

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The Cleveland’s Launcher HB irons step up your game with its classic look, superior forgiveness, consistency, and accuracy. It is well designed to deliver slow to medium swinging speeds and perfectly guide you for elevated shots. It is well suited for recreational golf allowing you to enjoy the game without worrying much about technicalities. Choosing the right flex is crucial for your game as it is the key to get the best out of your clubs. Thus Cleveland HB Iron Set also comes with Regular(R), senior(A), and Stiff (S) flexes to suit different players. If you visit a golf professional or a golf store, he/she will be able to recommend the right flex based on your swing and speed.

Usually, professional golfers or golfers who can hit the ball 250-300 yards consistently would prefer Extra-stiff or Stiff flex. If you fall into this category you may try Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Iron Set LH 5-PW Steel Stiff for your game. Just like any other launcher HB Turbo Iron set, it is suited for left-handed professional golfers. If you are a golfer who can drive the ball for about 225-250 yards consistently, a regular flex is well suited for your game. The regular flex is also well suited for and usually preferred by low – mid handicappers. If you prefer a regular flex with a steel shaft, the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Iron Set LH 5-PW Steel Reg may suit you well if you are a left-handed golfer.

The Senior flex is designed for seniors, usually older male adults who can drive the ball about 200-225 yards. As a senior, you may try the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Iron Set RH 5-PW, DW Graph Senior. The Graphite Shaft makes the Iron set lighter and enhances the swing and speed.

If you don’t like them for certain reasons, there are many other hybrids to choose from. Check our other list of best hybrid golf irons.