Golf Ball Dimple Reviews

Golf Ball DimplesIf you have looked at the Golf ball you must have been wondering, why Golf Ball Dimples existed? Or you may also have wondered what might happen if there were no dimples on golf balls or why some golf balls did not have them? In today’s article, we shall see how important golf ball dimples are and they play a significant part in enhancing your game! If you have no clue about golf ball dimples, you might be calling them by other names. Maybe indentations or Craters.

1. What are Golf Ball Dimples and how did they come?

The golf ball has evolved with time. The early golf balls had an outer covering of leather and stuffed with goose feathers and were called “featheries”!

The next level of the golf balls was called “Gutta-perches”. They were spherical and were created using the gum from the Sapodilla tree.

The belief back then was that, smoother the surface the farther the ball would travel. But the Featheries covered a greater distance than the Gutta-perchas! This difference led to the discovery that rough and scratched surfaces helped the balls to achieve greater distance than the smoother ones. Thus by the 1930s, the dimpled golf balls had emerged!

2. Why are there dimples on golf balls?

You hit the golf ball with your club and the ball takes flight! What exactly happened at impact? Many Scientists have been working on this for some time now. Recent studies show that the golf ball’s flight trajectory can be perfectly determined if the second’s of the impact of the hit is known to last on the ball. This said we can say that this little impact is key to deciding the ball’s spin rate, velocity, launch angle, etc. Even gravity and aerodynamics also play a crucial role in controlling the ball’s trajectory. Aerodynamics optimization is one of the main reasons for having dimpled golf balls. They tend to travel twice more than the smooth ones. Thus manufacturers produce dimpled balls and with use, the surface gets more rough resulting in more distance cover.
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3. How is the ball flight and Aerodynamics affected by the Golf Ball Dimples?

The simple pattern of the dimples, the number of dimples, and the size of the depths are all based on the principles of aerodynamics!

The two components of the resistive force are drag and lift. Drag acts opposite to your motion and Lift acts perpendicular!

When the golf ball is moving through the air, the front side has high pressure while the wake region is turbulent due to low pressure. Thus air flows only in the front region and the flow is cut in the wake region. If dimples are present on the ball’s surface, a boundary of thin and turbulent air is formed around the surface and thus reduces the wake. With dimples, the ball faces little drag than with a smooth surface!

When you consider the spinning motion of the ball, the upper region has lower air pressure than the bottom region. This difference in pressure allows the ball to be lifted high. Thus the lift of the ball is partially determined by its spin and dimples respectively. The lift is reduced by half if there were no golf ball dimples!

4. How Many Dimples in on a Golf Ball?

The golf ball dimples’ number can vary anywhere between 300 and 500. An optimal range is considered to 300 to 450 dimples. When the golf ball dimples’ number is below 330, the drag is unnecessarily little and the drag is too much if they are above 450.

Thus the golf ball dimples’ number is not fixed. The manufacturers choose a random number within the range and place them asymmetrically to stop wobbling. Here are a few details of the golf ball dimples’ number incorporated by some of the top manufacturers of golf balls.

4.1 Number of dimples on A Regulation Golf Ball?

The PGA Regulation Golf Balls generally have 336 dimples!

4.2 Number of dimples on a Taylormade Golf Ball?

The Taylormade Lethal and TP5 have 322 dimples, which is the least! However, its Kaleas and Aeroburner have 342 dimples. There are 360 dimples in the RocketBallz and Project(a).

4.3 Number of dimples on a Nike Golf Ball?

The least number of dimples is 314 as observed on Nike’s RZN/RZN X and Power Distance. Its Vapor Speed has 336 and RZN Tour and Speed has 344 dimples. However the RZN Black & Platinum among many others in this category have 360 golf ball dimples. Nike’s Power Distance Long had 432 dimples, the highest in its production of golf balls.

4.4 Number of dimples on a Bridgestone Golf Ball?

Bridgestone’s least dimple count is 300 and the highest is 372.

4.5 Number of Dimples on a Wilson golf ball?

The least number of dimples are found on the Wilson Staff Duo ad DX2 ranges with 302 dimples. The maximum numbers can be found on the FG Tour with 362 dimples.

5. What is the Dimple pattern on Golf Ball?

Golf Ball producers have been working on different golf ball dimples’ patterns. The dimple size could be small or large, shallow or deep. Some manufacturers produce the dimple variations in the same ball and could be shaped oval, circular, or even a teardrop!

However, the dimples need to be distributed all over the surface even if it is asymmetrical. Having dimples on only one side is not going to be efficient as it becomes impossible for straight hits.

Final thoughts…

The above info about the humble golf ball dimples must have taken you by surprise. As it is common for many of us to ignore the significant role of the dimples to enhance your game. From its early discoveries and the ongoing research, golf ball dimples have come in different sizes, shapes, depths, and patterns to suit the golfer! Now that you know how the golf ball dimples affect your game use it for your advantage in choosing the best golf balls for the game! It’s finally time to adore all those golf ball dimples!