Nike Roshe Golf Shoes Review

Nike Roshe Golf Shoes ReviewGolf is always deemed to be a gentleman’s game. So not only do you have to play well, you are required to look professional too. We are here to help you get the smashing look as you give your best shots. It’s not merely about style on the course. A good pair of golf shoes go beyond and aid in various functions. Just like many other things that have unfollowed traditions the golf shoes have fewer traditions attached to it in recent years. You can still find the typical shoes with spikes but many golfers are opting for casuals nowadays. If you are looking for something classy yet functional as a golfer, you should certainly give the Nike Roshe Golf Shoes a try. Its luxurious, stylish, and overall affordable! Let’s quickly give you a better insight into these shoes to help you make the right choice.

A professional yet stylish golf shoe from Nike is an amazing deal. Getting it under 100 bucks? It is worth every penny. Isn’t that interesting?

But if you still don’t agree with the pricing the features will amaze you. It’s a beast in the Golf shoe category fulfilling all your demands.
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Who is it for?

  • This is suitable if you are looking for comfort shoes as you walk and run uphill through the terrains
  • This is the best choice if you need stylish shoes with stability and good cushioning

First Impression

The Nike Roshe Golf Shoes come with full lace fastening enabling hassle-free running experience. The cushioned insole delivers great comfort and the thick midsole adds more comfort for your heel. The Roshe is constructed using high-quality materials giving it longevity of many years. The breathable mesh will keep your feet aerated and keep sweating at bay. Its premium look is a confidence inducer!


  • Full Lace Fastening

You must have experienced bad-quality shoelaces untying themselves after walking for a certain distance. They unlock quickly because they are not very strong. And often cause disturbance during all your physical activities.

The Nike Roshe is here to counter this drawback and offer full lace fastenings to hold your feet tight as you run uphill or for the terrains. With this constant support at all times you also get to enjoy the comfort it provides too. You will be certain that your shoes will remain locked until you open them yourself.

  • Cushioned Insole

If your golf shoes are not comfortable it will be difficult to focus on your game. Your golf shoes should be able to relax your feet. If the shoe cushioning is not right you will experience a lot of pain as you perform various activities and end up having blisters too. To counter these problems the Nike Roshe G golf shoes are integrated with perfectly cushioned insoles. These soles give a soft feel and good feedback when you run or walk faster.

  • Thick Midsole

Did you know that many ladies hurt their feet wearing high heels? Since their high heel shoes don’t possess thick midsoles their feet structure can easily get damaged. The same problem will occur with men too if their golf shoes don’t possess a perfect midsole. This is likely as more pressure is on your heels as you walk and run. This sometimes results in blisters too. Thus a soft midsole cushioning is critical for better shock absorption and comfort in any physical activity you do.

  • Breathable Mesh Paneling

All your body parts need a good amount of air for functioning. Thus your feet need room to breathe inside your golf shoes. Else your feet will get tired and sweaty soon enough. This will in turn result in a bad golfing experience. After spending so much on all your other golf gears and equipment your uncomfortable shoes should not hinder you from enjoying your game full-fledged. The Nike Roshe again caters to this problem. Its breathable mesh feature allows the right amount of air and keeps your feet relaxed and breathing all the time. This feature surely enhances your game comfort!

  • Performance

As a golfer, you know the significance of traction. If you are worried about traction Nike Roshe Golf Shoes is sure to satisfy your demands. You require absolute traction in golf and this shoe is a great stimulant. The high-quality fabric makes this shoe very durable and enhances your golfing experience.


As mentioned earlier, most golfers today prefer a casual look than a classic one. I.e. golf shoes with no spikes. But as a golfer, you also understand the significance of the spikes. If you care more about the looks, you might contend with the casual shoes minus the spikes. But some corners of you will still miss those spikes. As a golfer, you will need the spikes as well as the looks which will again cost you a fortune. But Nike Rosher is here with an Elegant and rich look being affordable at the same time! It has spikes that are uncommon for casual shoes. With its mini spikes, it gives a better grip and can be used for running too.

Key Specifications

  • Comfy Insole
  • Thicker midsole
  • Synthetic soles
  • Dimensions : 16.5 X 5.2 X 10”
  • Ankle collars are shaped and padded
  • Mesh panel is breathable and has synthetic overlays


  • Full lace fastening for a better foothold
  • Cushioned insoles deliver comfort
  • Midsoles are thick and work as a shock absorber for protecting your heel
  • Casual yet stylish look with mini spikes for better grip
  • High-quality fiber for longevity
  • Better air circulation for the feet


  • Not waterproof
  • Gets dirty easily

Final Verdict…

If you want to play your game in style and have budget constraints Nike Roshe is your best bet. Not only does it offer stylish casual looks it does not compromise on comfort and durability. It comes integrated with various technologies to cater to all the demands of a golfer. This beast has captured many hearts and continues to do so. I hope this review has helped you to understand why Nike Roshe is your best buy. If you are still not convinced you can take suggestions from friends and fellow golfers too. You will certainly get positive reviews about this shoe! And if you still are not satisfied for whatever reasons, you can explore other suitable products too!