Puma products never disappoint, let it be style, comfort or quality. While brands such as Nike seem to be ridiculously overpriced, Puma has provided affordable options without compromising the quality.

Puma has been associated with sportswear for a long time now and has proved its excellence in catering to every requirement with respect to the particular field of sport. This brand has been associated with football and basketball for long. Now Puma has also extended its services to provide the best quality golf gear and apparel. Puma’s collaboration with golfers like Rickie Fowler has been instrumental in designing golf footwear to suit the needs of the game and the golfer.

Let’s deconstruct the PUMA IGNITE PWRadapt Golf Shoe and see the technology and features employed by Puma to give you the best golf-experience

PUMA Men's Ignite Pwradapt Leather 2.0 Golf Shoe
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Size and Fit

These shoes have been highly reviewed for the custom fit due to the micro disc feature. Sizes 7-14 are currently available in the market.


White, Black, and Grey.
For golfers who like to be the centre of attention, Ignite PWRadapt limited edition shoes with swag-colours are available.


The shoe weighs just 3 pounds and is perfect for an awesome game.


The sole should ideally support and move at the same time when the body rotates for a swing. This aids in generating more power for the shot while keeping the body stable/

-The sole is composed of synthetic material, enhanced by features such as-


It is a game-changing technology employed in the fabrication of the outsole creating an amazing balance of comfort and traction in line with the golfer’s movement. While the varied landscapes during the course of the game can cause slippage and result in ankle injuries, rest assured because the 3-D traction pods that move independently, maximize your grip on any given terrain.

-The outsole also consists of seven spikes that are crucial in enhancing the grip and are known as Tornado cleats. These spikes can be replaced in case of wear

PUMA Men's Ignite Pwradapt Caged Disc Golf Shoe

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A combination of hexagonal shapes and chevron-shaped nubs provides multidirectional traction in addition to the spikes.
These features tremendously increase the stability by increasing the friction between your shoe and the ground.


The ignite foam provides a high-rebound cushioning effect which is a much sought-after quality in sportswear. This feature was initially a feature in running shoes, and was later incorporated in golf shoes, to bring you instant step-in comfort! It replaces the traditional tongue, to fit your foot with perfection just like a sock! The efficient cushioning conserves the energy by ricocheting and propelling every step.

Golf-lacing System

For golfers securing and locking the foot is a prerequisite for the right foot movements such as turns during a swing, tilts, footwists etc. Puma’s got your foot! Puma offers a wide range of lacing systems acknowledging its relevance in the game.

-The disc system has drastically evolved from its primitive ancestor introduced in 1991. Now with a turn on the knob you can get back to your game in seconds with a secured foot. Clockwise rotation locks the disc and anti-clockwise rotation unlocks it .Surprisingly the disc feature does not incur additional charges compared to the other lacing systems as most brands would certainly make use of this feature to claim extra bucks!
-This feature is important to prevent slipping within the shoe and especially when you take a swing.
-Lacing and sole-lacing features are also available for the same product


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The thin Pwrframe, strategically placed in high-stress areas provides stability and support while keeping it lightweight.
The mesh upper wrap aids in breathability in comparison to the traditional leather counterpart. The wide tab at the posterior end helps in pulling the shoe up.
With ample toe room the design confers a toe down look to the shoe .

Water Resistance

The shoe is made fully waterproof, so that no dew or rain can separate you from the love for golf!

Price and Quality
Good things come at a price. The advanced features and quality of the material certainly justifies the price. The prices range from $100 to more than $200. Shoes with spikes are usually more expensive .

The golf shoe comes with 2 years warranty


● Provides superior comfort
● Style-savvy
● Lightweight
● Good stability
● lightweight design
● Tornado cleats (spikes)
● the gripzone traction feature
● Comes in 3 versions
● Incredible mobility offered by the mesh upper


● Some reviews suggest that the spikes are worn too quickly
● Limited options for colours

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The Care Regime

Shoes last longer, if you adequately care for it.

● After every game remove the debris from outsoles and the grass trapped in the spikes.
● If your shoes are drenched, get them dry by stuffing newspapers .
● Do not dump your shoes in the car trunk as the high temperatures can damage the material
● Air dry is the preferred method for drying
● A shoe tree can be used to maintain the shape of your favourite pair
● Opt for professional cleaning once in a while
● Water-resistant spray can be used often
● Regular check-up and replacement of the spikes
● Do not use your Golf shoes for any other purpose

Final thoughts

Golf is a game that requires perfection in minute details from the angulation of your foot to the force of your stroke. PUMA IGNITE PWRadapt Golf shoes are definitely an asset to a serious player. have been designed to give you an upper hand in any game of golf.

The Puma Ignite PWRadapt Golf shoe is one among the top 5 Puma golf shoes designed to enhance your performance in style. The product may seem like a golf shoe in a sneaker disguise with all its user-friendly features and comfort. According to the online reviews, the shoe fared well on both hard and soft surfaces and the product offers combo benefits of traction and stability while you graze the turf in comfort. Puma as a brand is known for its bold and stylish designs which is very much reflected in its golf footwear.